Finding Creative Solutions To Optimize Your Tax Efficiency

Thirty Years Of Proven Tax Experience And Tax Results

Attorney Kushner has represented and advised billionaire financiers and other high net worth individuals, celebrities, publicly traded and private real estate investment trusts and companies, partnerships, private equity funds, S and C corporations, tax-exempt organizations, etc. in a myriad of tax matters, both large and small, including:
  • Successfully structuring and negotiating merger, leveraged recapitalization, joint venture, formation/initial public offering, liquidation and other transactions, including those valued in the billions of dollars and one liquidation transaction favorably reported by the Wall Street Journal;
  • Successfully representing clients in their tax audits and other tax controversies, some with tens of millions of dollars of tax liability and millions more of interest and penalties at stake, including one recent partnership audit whereby MAK was not only able to reverse approximately $29 million of proposed IRS taxable income increases but found $22 million of additional ordinary deductions;
  • Successfully drafting, interpreting and negotiating partnership, limited liability company and joint venture agreements;
  • Successfully structuring real estate acquisitions, including Section 1031 like kind exchanges; and
  • Successfully structuring cross-border transactions.

MAK also represents smaller clients, who oftentimes have tax matters just as challenging and complicated as those of MAK’s larger clients. MAK understands that to a client, that client’s tax matter is the most important one there is. And that’s exactly how MAK treats it.